Higher Ground Book

Higher Ground Book

October 15, 2010 in Highlights, Packaging/Printed Stuff

I named, designed and produced this high-end 11×14 book in the summer of 2008 with the Hard Rock Marketing and Sales Departments.While it was mostly a style piece, it served as one of the main components to a campaign I developed called “Higher Ground”. Higher Ground was a name of the campaign I came up with to reflect the casino’s expansion, as well as a nod to a popular song. While other casinos in town were all for the tallest building, I decided to play up the fact that the Hard Rock was more grounded and built the world with music. The wonderful people at Creel Print in Vegas did an excellent job in interpreting what I wanted, such as the luxurious latex cover, spot UV filigree, and chrome ink. Every page has a nice tactile sensation. You can view the book online here.

See also theĀ making of campaign here.


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